6th Annual

Reckoning on the Rock
Wisconsin State Championship Shoot
June 1-June 3, 2018
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 Plan on shootin' it out with the always sneaky and ever movin' lowlifes, hombres and scumbags in the hills around Beloit.  You can expect at least 100 pistol rounds, 100 rifle rounds and about 75 shotgun rounds for the main match.  Allow extra ammo for side shoots and the long range stuff on Friday.  There will also be a Wild Match Stage on Friday (you must preregister for this, $10).  Our schedule will allow everyone to finish early on Sunday and head for home with plenty of daylight for driving.  Lunches will be available for shooters both days. There will be no planned dinner on Saturday,  however, there may be groups of shooters going out to area eatin' places. Primitive camping will be permitted on the club grounds at no charge. There will also be space for RV parking.


Friday , June 1

Saturday, June 2

Sunday, June 3

9:00-3:00     Pick up Shooters Pack 7:30-8:30     Pick up Shooters Pack 8:45     Mandatory Shooters Meeting
1:00-3:00     Pistol, Long Range and Shotgun Side 
     8:00       Posse Marshall Walk Through 9:00     Shoot 4 Stages
       10:00    Wild Bunch Side Match -3 Stages
you must preregister for this, $10)
     8:30       Mandatory Shooters Meeting 12:30   Lunch
       12:00       Lunch Available to purchase     9:00       Shoot 6 Stages   2:00   Awards  
            1:00      Lunch   2:30   Head for Home  

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Attention all: Gunsmith Huckleberry will be on hand during the shoot!

We will use the same shooting classes that are used for the monthly shoots. Lunch will be provided for all competitors on Saturday and Sunday. All awards  will be distributed upon completion after lunch on Sunday.  SASS rules will be used.   Please, send all entries for shooters wanting to shoot together in the same envelope, or, be sure to mark your posse preference on each entry form.  There is no guarantee of posse selection for forms sent separately. No posse changes at shoot.

Questions: Call Stoney Mike :608-931-4821 Cell
E-Mail: hetzer@charter.net


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